Counselling Services and Bereavement Support




What is Counselling?

Counselling offers a confidential non judgemental space to talk about and explore your worries, issues or concerns. There are many reasons that a person may choose to see a counsellor which are specific to each individual client.

How do counselling sessions work?

Sessions are usually weekly at a set time/day giving the client a regular space to talk, explore and reflect on their issues. The sessions I offer are client led and some clients will use the session to talk but other clients may use it to express themselves creatively through writing, drawing etc to explore their issues.

At the initial session I will talk to you about the practicalities such as timing and confidentiality, what bought you to counselling and agree how we are going to proceed.

Are my sessions confidential?

Counselling is strictly private and confidential. No information is shared with a third party unless there are exceptional circumstances which involve a child being at risk or if there is a serious risk of significant harm to the individual client or others. I will discuss confidentiality and the agreement of these exceptions at the initial assessment with each client. 

How long do I have counselling for?

This depends on individual clients needs, I offer both  short term (around 6-12 sessions) and open ended counselling. In the initial session I explore the clients needs and we can agree to how may sessions they would like to have. I will review progress with each client which allows us to establish where we are within the therapeutic process, review/change goals and reflect on how things are going. It is the decision of each individual client whether they want to extend the amount of sessions we initally agreed to by continuing with counselling or whether they would like to end.