​​​Dawn Toone MBACP Counselling & Bereavement Support​​


​​Counselling Services and Bereavement Support

Providing professional & confidential counselling & bereavement support in Hertford Hoddesdon and surrounding areas

There can be times in our life when we feel overwhelmed by our problems or have suffered traumatic experiences which leave us unable to cope or feel we can function in our day to day lives.

It can be very difficult to ask for help when we are struggling and at times family and friends are unable to provide impartial support that we need. We also often feel that we do not want to burden them with our problems

I offer a confidential, warm and safe environment providing that support without judgement or criticism.

Alongside grief counselling I work with both adults and teenagers on a wide range of issues at a time and pace directed by my clients so whether you are looking for short term therapy for a specific situation or long term therapy to explore deeper issues I can help.